Growth doesn’t feel comfortable. Letting go of old unhealthy patterns and making a conscious choice to create new healthy patterns is far from a warm and cozy feeling. In fact, it feels quite the opposite. It feels groundless-unsteady-insecure. It can really feel quite terrifying. It takes great courage to go there. Growth involves reaching back to those feelings that created those patterns in the first place and being willing to feel them deeply. You know those feelings of being abandoned, scared, alone, unloved, of being to blame. Those are not fun feelings. So why even go there? Because there is something good on the other side of facing those feelings. And that is empowerment. When we are able to face the truth with courage we find we have the power to change. We can let go of those old patterns and create new healthy patterns. We can say, “I want this new healthy feeling so much that I am willing to take the actions and steps that are going to get me there.” There is such a great feeling to stepping into the fear and discomfort and getting to the other side. That feeling on the other side is freedom. The freedom to choose, truly choose, from a place of power how we want to live our lives. The more we uncover and let go of the layers of stuff put upon us by a past that we did not choose, the more we are freed up to be the most authentic version of ourselves. We become more clear and are able to shine the truth and beauty of who we are.


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