There were no yoga classes at the time I wanted or with a teacher I wanted to work with, so I decided to do a yoga practice at home. I made it a ritual. I lit candles, burned palo santo, and recited some sacred words. I let my practice be whatever it wanted to be. Which turned out to be a session about the warrior within. Warrior II, warrior I, warrior III, and back again to warrior I. Getting in touch with this inner warrior was all about foundation and balance. Where am I coming from with this pose? And, who am I being in this pose? I realized that being clear about your foundation and balance is essential to every fight. If I fight from a place of being against something, I am actually giving power to the very thing I am fighting. But if I fight from a place of being a stand for something, I am creating something new. This second stance holds more power, even if it doesn’t always win. This sort of power carriers through and is passed along to others who choose to carry the torch. There have been powerful people who came from this stance and gave their lives to a cause, even knowing  they would not live to see the results in their lifetime. Yet their power lives on, their message lives on, and they inspire others to continue their work. And whether their contribution was tiny or huge, they were important. They made a difference.

Let me be like this in my life.

Fierce with love.

A contribution to the world in some way, small or grand.

Magnitude less important than the stance of having the courage to envision the world in a new way.

Not as opposite to what is, but as an entirely new possibility.


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